Economic Intelligence

EICD Group

EICD entered the market in 2008 at the time of the Global Financial Crisis. EICD was interested to find out the impact of the economic recession and thus to monitor the adverse supply shock. Despite the fact that the main objective was to study the economy and the market culture, EICD seised the opportunity to start the operartion in certain area. Therefore the following divisions were operational:

  1. Market Studies and Business Solutions Consultancy
  2. Sourcing and Supply of commodities:
    • Oil and Gas Products
    • Food Products
    • Mineral
  3. Supply Chain Services
  4. Oil and Gas Services
  5. Real Estate Development


    In 2012 after a restructuring exercise, it was decided to separate the activities per sector, Therefore seven more entities were created to form a group of eight companies to take over the operation so that EICD remains as the intelligent and holding company.


    Knowledge Management: Collecting smart information, Conducting research and analysis, identifying the gaps in the market, bridging the gaps and preventing risk. Studying the realistic prices of products versus the speculation.

    Commercial Development

    Using the EI findings about the market's gap to identify the ideal Business solutions. Creating new concepts, attracting direct investmen

    The focus at EICD

    Strategic Advisory

    Identifying solutions, influencing the decisions with plans, implementing methods for enhancing capabilities and adding value